We are a community of people who speak up and stand up for each other to create a new reality.


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Stories of Protectors:

Jesus Manuel Cordova, 26 years old Mexican young man, entering the U.S. rescued a 9-year-old boy looking for help after his mother crashed their van…
Muslims in Egypt have donated money towards the building of a Coptic church in Al Manufiyya, north of Cairo. Coptic Orthodox Bishop Benyamin, of the…
Angela Luna, 22, a Parsons Fashion Design senior designed her senior thesis collection to address the problems facing Syrian refugees as they make their journey…
Man jumps to rescue a stranger on Subway Tracks
United States of America, 2007 
Wesley Autrey, a 50-year-old construction worker was waiting for the downtown local at 137th Street and Broadway in Manhattan around 12:45 p.m. He was taking…
Syrian refugees in Calgary step up to help Fort McMurray fire evacuees, when Rita Khanchet saw images of a vicious wildfire destroying homes and uprooting…
Several Muslim-American non-profit and relief organizations joined forces to deliver 110,000 bottles of water to Flint residents last week. Volunteers distributed water as well as…
Muslims feed the homeless in Washington
United States of America, 2016 
Zamir Hassan founded Hunger Van because as he says ” I realized that soup kitchens only help those who live near the soup kitchen. What…
Mohamed Helmy, an Egyptian Muslim doctor, saved 21-year-old Anna Boros Gutman and her family from Nazi persecution in Berlin during the Holocaust. “During a wave…
Hassanien Salman, a 34-year-old Iraqi living in a refugee shelter in Germany helped rescue passengers from a burning private plane when it crashed shortly after…
Teen Syrian refugees help homeless in US
United States of America, 2015 
Yazan and Nabil Al-Salkini, two Syrian refugees brothers work at events assisting homeless in Seattle. Yazan, 19, and Nabil, 14, said they want to give…
Mayor Lucano of the Italian village Riace, has turned the asylum seekers’ arrival into a win-win situation for all sides. Inside a classroom, boys and…
“I saw a Dutch guy, about 55, 60 years old, drowning in the water” Mohsen said, About 20 people had gathered on the bridge. Most…
Hundreds of Turkish men in skirts protested in Istanbul calling for an end of domestic violence against women.
Omar Diop, a young undocumented Senegalese man saved a women who fell on the train racks in Donaratico in Italy.
Johnny and Carol Bilouna a Syrian refugee couple became SES volunteers within a month of arriving in Australia. The couple joined the State Emergency Service…

About Us

I AM YOUR PROTECTOR is a community of people who speak up and stand up for each other across religion, race, gender and beliefs. From bullying to genocide, and everything in between, we can either be silent and turn our heads the other way, or speak up and stand up for each other.

We are overexposed to narratives that lead to division, polarization and hate, amplified by the information that reaches us. At the same time, we are underexposed to constructive and unifying messages, despite there being a large number of people who stand up for each other, in small and big ways. These instances, however, rarely reach us, and are not amplified in the media. Narratives that lead to division, therefore, have the monopoly.

We are a community of protectors who stand up for each other across religion, race, gender, and beliefs, and amplifiers of a constructive and unifying message. Einstein said, “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil but by those who watch them without doing anything” Albert Einstein.

Hatred becomes legitimate and acceptable when a group is depicted as monolithic and when this group is perceived as representing a threat.

We are exposing stories that shows that no group, no community is monolithic, even in times and places of conflict, war and genocide people have stood up for each other across conflict line. They have not let a narrative, even if believed by the majority, make them hate the other because they were “the other”.

IAYP is apolitical and areligious. We expose stories of individuals, regardless of their group affiliation, who stand up for each other. In the case of posters of protectors and those protected across conflict zones, we take no political stand. Rather, we expose the stories that are rarely or never exposed, to counter the perception that these kinds of stories aren’t possible or don’t exist.